Visa Type

There are 20 different types of Vietnam visas and new durations updated from 1 January 2015 under the Vietnam Law on Immigration: NG, LV, DN, NN DH, HN, PV, LD, DL, TT, VR, SQ. Tourist visa (visa DL) is the most popular Vietnam visa type. In addition, base on the length of stay and number of entry, the visa is divided into 1 month or 3 months, single or multiple entry visas.

1. Vietnam Tourist Visa

+ Available 1 or 3 months with a single entry or multiple entries: citizens of most countries can apply for a period of 1 or 3 months to stay with single entry or multiple entries. Citizen of Some other countries can only apply for a 1-month single entry. Citizens of some other difficult countries cannot even apply for a visa to visit Vietnam at some period. This is due to the diplomatic relations policy between Vietnam and foreign countries. In particular, a citizen of the United States can apply for a visa up to 6 months or 1 year and can multiple entries to visit Vietnam.
+ An online visa application or a Vietnamese Embassy application can be processed without any guarantee documents except a valid passport.
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2. Vietnam Business Visa

+ Applicants should obtain approval through their sponsor in Vietnam (Visagoviet will do this for the customer if the customer applies with us).
+ Multiple entries and stay of three or six months are available.
+ Vietnam Embassy application must be going with a sponsor invite letter
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Besides the Tourist visa, the Business visa is also the popular Vietnam visa type.

3. Diplomatic And Official Vietnam Visa

+ No fees unless otherwise agreed upon between Vietnam and the applicant’ s country.
+ On applying for this visa, the applicant must submit an official letter from the concerned agencies of local government, foreign embassies or consulates accredited to the applicant’s country. Or international organizations, or other accredited organizations based in that country.
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Note, VisaGoViet does not offering this Vietnam visa type.

4. Transit Visa

Vietnam is one of these countries that does not require any transit visas, provided you plan to stay at the airport zone. However, international airports like Cat Bi Or Da Nang are small and not the best place for a light sleeper. Therefore, if you have overnight transit, you may want to leave the airport and stay at a nearby hotel. In those cases, you will need a normal entry visa.

If you have booked a tour organized by a travel company in Vietnam, you can be granted a transit visa to visit the surrounding cities for a few days. This visa must accompany your flight ticket to third countries after leaving Vietnam and a detailed itinerary provided by a Vietnamese travel company. The stamp fee for this visa is the US $ 5 and the processing fee is the US $ 20 per visa.

In addition, based on length of stay and number of entries, it is classified into 1 month or 3 months of stay, single or multiple entries. Normally, a 1-month stay visa is a tourist visa or a 3-month stay is a business visa.

5. Single or Multiple Entry Visa

A single entry visa allows you to enter Vietnam once during its validity period, but multiple entry visas allow you to enter Vietnam multiple times (many times you can) during the validity period. For example, if you enter Vietnam right now, stay for a few days and leave Cambodia, when you re-enter Vietnam, you can still use your current Vietnam entry visa (within the validity period). Stamp fees are required to pay only at the first entry.

6. Code Sign For Vietnam Visas

Visa bear the following code signs (not used from 1 January 2015)
+ A1: shall be granted to official members of delegations invited by the Party Central Committee, the National Assembly, the State President, the Government and guests of ranks equivalent to the ranks of ministers, vice-ministers, presidents or vice presidents of the People’s Committees of the provinces or centrally-run cities, and their accompanying dependents and servants.
+ A2: shall be granted to members of foreign representations and their accompanying dependents and servants.

+ A3: shall be granted to persons who enter Vietnam to work with foreign representations or to visit members of foreign representations.

+ B1: shall be granted to persons who enter Vietnam to work with the Supreme People’s Procuracy, the Supreme People’s Court, the ministries, the ministerial-level agencies, the agencies attached to the Government, the Peoples Committees of the provinces or centrally-run cities, and the central bodies of the mass organizations.
+ B2: shall be granted to persons who enter Vietnam to execute investment projects already licensed by competent Vietnamese State agencies.
+ B3: shall be granted to persons who enter Vietnam for business purposes.
+ B4: shall be granted to persons who enter Vietnam to work at representative offices or branches of economic, cultural or other professional organizations of foreign countries, Vietnam-based non-governmental organizations.
+ C1: shall be granted to persons who enter Vietnam for tourist purposes.
+ C2: shall be granted to persons who enter Vietnam for other purposes.
+ D: shall be granted to persons who enter Vietnam without invitation or reception by any agencies, organizations or individuals. Visas in D code sign shall be valid for 15 days, while visas in other codes shall be valid for 30 days or more.

7. New Visa Code (updated from 1 January 2015)

There are over 20 different Vietnam visa type codes and new durations as listed in the table below:

Visa categories Description/ Applicant entitled to Duration of visa Duration of Temporary Resident Card
NG1 – NG4
Diplomatic Up to 12 months Up to 5 years
LV1 – LV2
Working with Vietnam authorities or parties Up to 12 months Up to 5 years
Investors/ foreign lawyers Up to 5 years Up to 5 years
Working with Vietnamese enterprises Up to 12 months N/A
NN1 – NN2
Chief Representative Office in Vietnam, Head of Project Office of foreign NGO Up to 12 months Up to 3 years
Staffs of NGO, Rep office in Vietnam Up to 12 months N/A
Student/ interns Up to 12 months Up to 5 years
Attending meeting Up to 3 months N/A
Journalists with permanent residence in Vietnam Up to 12 months Up to 2 years
Journalists with short term residence in Vietnam Up to 12 months N/A
Foreign workers Up to 2 years Up to 2 years
Tourists Up to 3 months N/A
Dependents of LV1, LV2, ĐT, NN1, NN2, DH, PV1, LĐ Up to 12 months Up to 3 years
Visiting relatives, other purposes Up to 6 months N/A
Related to MOF, Consulate with the purpose of market research, visiting relatives, tourist, medical treatment Up to 30 days N/A


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